Tapastrie Case Study

The Client

Tapastrie has been South Bend, Indiana’s spot for wine & tapas since 2015. It combines Mediterranean-inspired dining with an expansive wine list to give its patrons something that turns the traditional restaurant experience into an exotic culinary adventure.

The Problem

Tapastrie’s owners had a wide selection of wines and wanted to be able to give their customers an opportunity to try as many varieties by the glass as possible, while not having it result in leftover wine that would spoil when preserved through traditional methods.

Tom Welsh, an owner & partner at Tapastrie, had seen the Enomatic while traveling in New Orleans, and reached out to aBetter Pour for more information on how it could help his business create the best possible experience for their customers.

The Solution

aBetter Pour worked with Tapastrie to find the right Enomatic solution for their needs, resulting in a 24-bottle system that is customer-interactive and allows for 3 different precise pour options. This has allowed the customer to take control of their wine experience and try bottles they might otherwise avoid due to price or a lack of familiarity with the varietal.

“aBetter Pour’s owner Michael Lentino was very helpful in answering all of my questions and helped guide me to the best solutions for my restaurant and bar.” – Tom Welsh

The Results

Customers are attracted by the Enomatic’s sleek and attractive design, and wine sales have increased due to the variety of options available to them. The system’s customer-interactivity frees the staff to focus on other areas and keep everything running smoothly, while providing a great and unique experience for patrons.

“We are selling more wine through our Enomatic systems than by the glass at our bar or through our wine list bottle program. One out of three customers says ‘I need one at home!’”

The Partnership

“My experience with delivery and installation were all positive. The technicians are always friendly and knowledgeable and my few requests for service whether IT or mechanical are always followed up on quickly. The machines are easy to clean and bottle changes are simple as well. I highly recommend these systems for an overall better wine experience.”


From home applications to targeted wine retailers to the largest multinationals, our clients do not simply return to ABP to purchase our products and services–they live the concept every day.

“We received our Eno One July 6, 2016. The installation technician was very knowledgeable of the machine and we were up and pouring smoothly. Owner’s manual is well written and illustrated. This is a well engineered and attractive machine with minimal counter footprint. Made in Italy. Great for home applications. Thank you.” – David Hilvers of Flossmoor, IL

“We have noted various wine serving systems in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Sarasota, Yosemite, Cruise ships, Beijing, Johannesburg, Greve in Chianti, Paris, and etc. All were 4, 6, and more bottle designs. We thought it would be great for a 2 bottle design for our home. Mr. Michael Lentino, President, of aBetter Pour introduced us to the new Enomatic “2” bottle wine serving system. Having individual temperature control compartments for each red and white wine available at the same time is a wonderful feature. aBetter Pour technician was excellent with home delivery, set up, and unit demonstration. There is very, very minimal system maintenance and aBetter Pour has a prompt and excellent contact and/or support process. Simply said, we love our Enomatic.” – David and Carol Hilvers